Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, what a an extremely talented pair. They really do make my evening better. I think I have nearly seen all their clips on Youtube, Google Video and MetaCafe 🙂

I am amazed by the openess and power of media in US, I think probably they are the only one who crtisize the US government and get noticed too. Actually this is what news channels are supposed to show what these guys are showing in their mock news.

A couple of thier wonderful segments. Hilarious stuff !

Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert


One thought on “Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

  1. Colbert’s a bloody genius. I loved his little joke on Wikipedia that made the headlines a couple months ago. Stewart, I hope he manages to replace Letterman someday.

    Through some detective work (read Googling), I found out that you work for Vertscape Infotech. Am I right? It’s possible that I might have a job with them. If you could contact me via email, I’d really appreciate it.

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