Dynamics CRM 2013 – Installing Sample Data

Loved the way Dynamics 2013 allows you to install Sample Data from within the product without restoring any sample databases (I miss AdventureWorks Db !) – I used a CRM Online Account last year for a few days and it had the sample data which made it really easy for me to browse and understand different areas of the system – but when I installed the On-Premise CRM 2013 on a VM – it had no data and I had to create the Accounts, Contacts, Leads etc.

The quick way to setup the Sample Data on a clean installation is to go to CRM >> Settings >> Data Management and Click on Sample Data.



The popup will let you install the Sample Data on the CRM.


The other nice feature is the background installation so you don’t have to wait for the data to be setup – you can close the dialog and continue to work on the product while the data is setup quietly – and Viola now I have the data.



The Sample Data can also be removed using the same steps – and works perfectly.


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