WinFx Runtime Beta1 and Whidbey

Finally, after so much effort I have WinFX Runtime Beta1 installed on my system with Visual Studio.NET Beta 2. Could’nt get the WinFX SDK installed as yet so I don’t have the XAMLPAd. I downloaded the source for the Chris Anderson’s AvPad and it ran fine.

Wrote my first small Avalon application also; actually I just ran a sample to test everything is properly setup. I thought I’ll write some useful application by the end of the day today but could not get time. Its 11:15 PM now and I need to go home so maybe tomorrow I’ll try to write some Avalon code.

I am still figuring out the XAML and the procedural code relationship in Avalon, I never liked these split architectures. You have to write XAML and then the procedural code and somehow they work together. Also, I know you can Avalon App in pure procedural code without XAML.

I need to do some work on this and get comfortable with this new stuff, and by the way where WinForms stand now, you can still create a WinForm app, I still have to compare these two application types and what are the best places/scenarios for using each of them.

Anyway, VisualStudio.NET Beta 2 is amazing. The development experience is great, very comfortable and elegant. The new Error Window is really wonderful with that grid view.

I was thinking that Microsoft may be going too fast in some of its development; they should not update the products/specs so frequently. I downloaded C# 3.0 enhancements document today (haven’t seen it though). Now ppl haven’t used C# 2.0 as yet. Most people in my environment and other local software houses are using VS.NET 2003. C# 2.0 and Whidbey are still in the Beta and now they are proposing new C# 3.0.

Maybe this is because they have so many problems with these products that they tend to improve them continuously but this has a real bad effect on the programmer productivity. Most programmers are not able to get benefit and utilize the new features and changes. I think people at Microsoft and surrounding environment do benefit from everything that they add but medium/small companies are not using most of the new features.

I think they need to make a few solid releases without tweaking the things so often, if they need to get the Windows Vista and Widbey some real success at all levels.

Ok ! Its late .. I am leaving .. Bye!


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