Reference Books these days

Some amazing books which I am keeping with me these days for reference and going through portions whenever I get the opportunity.

Amazon List:


C# in Depth, Second Edition by Jon Skeet

CLR via C#, Second Edition (Pro Developer) by Jeffrey Richter (Author)

Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and
Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries (2nd Edition)
by Krzysztof Cwalina, Brad Abrams

Microsoft® .NET: Architecting Applications for the
Enterprise (Pro-Developer)​
by Dino Esposito, Andrea Saltarello

Microsoft® Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition
(Patterns & Pra​ctices)
by Microsoft Patterns & Practices Team (Author)

NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook by Jason Dentler

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns by Scott Millett

Programming Entity Framework: DbContext by Julia Lerman, Rowan Miller