Microsoft Surface Computing (Multi-Touch Devices)

I think multi-touch is going to revolutionize the next generation of computer interfaces. We have already seen an impressive usage in iPhone earlier this year in Steve Jobs Demo of the product and now Microsoft has come up with some really mind blowing scenarios using Multi-Touch. Specially the device recongnition and then reacting to the device is pretty amazing !

I can’t stop thinking of scenarios and possibilities with Multi-Touch systems.


One thought on “Microsoft Surface Computing (Multi-Touch Devices)

  1. Everyone seems to want to compare apples and oranges.

    Multi-touch is using more than one pointing device at a time, whether it’s multiple fingers or people. The iphone uses it for only one purpose so far… zooming.

    MS’ Surface is not solely about multi-touch, although it’s a primary input feature. It’s breakthrough is about interacting with objects and devices placed on it.

    Totally different animals.

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