Deception Point

I completed Deception Point by Dan Brown a couple of weeks ago and really it was a wondeful read. Although Deception Point is a lesser popular Dan Brown Novel than some of his other great writings like ‘Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Deamons’, but I really had great fun.

The writer gets you interested right from the start and even a person like me who is not a great Novel fan got so interested just after reading the first few pages that I had to finish it. The story and the suspense that he builds up is awsome. Also, I enjoyed the depth of informaiton and command Brown has over the technology. He used actual technologies, scenarios and the political drama in the Novel was superb.

I was a little disappointed in the end though, about how he wrapped up the whole thing. The NRO director Pickering should not have provided Rachel and the guys with the transport to Micheal’s ship if he actually wanted to kill them. He could have simply sent a team to kill them while picking them up. Also, Senator Sexton also did some dumb things in the last few pages, whereas he was a real smart person who knows what he was doing in rest of the Novel.

Anyway, as I said before it was fun. I have ‘Digital Fortress’ with me now which I intend to read next but not getting time for last two weeks.


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