Google Reader is Cool !

I have been using FeedDemon for quite some time now, and it served its purpose well. However, as my reading list grew over time I noticed that I had hundereds of items laying in folders which I would sometimes never touch for months. The main reason for this is the way I have to click each folder to the read the items and then mark each item as read by clicking a small ‘flag’.

I shifted to Google Reader a couple of weeks ago and it is definately a lot more fun than the Feed Demon. The first and the most cool thing is speed with which I can skim through the items using the short keys and they are marked read.

Secondly, the Google Shared Items list is also a wonderful feature, instead of throwing a blog post for every cool link you find while reading, you can simple share the item by “Shift+S” and it will appear in your shared items list which is also available as a feed. In case you have noticed, I have a small container at the right panel of this blog with my Google Shared Items List

Complete list of Google Reader short keys can be found here


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