Javascript Communication between Secure and Unsecure Pages

It seems that Javascript does not work between Secure and Unsecure Pages. I am working on a scenario where my child window which is doing a secure payment transaction (SSL Secure Pages), refreshes a parent window after completing the transactions.

I am using window.opener.document.forms[0].submit() to refresh the parent window. It worked well on the test enviornemnt when all pages in parent and child window were unsecure but as soon as I made pages in child window secure, the javascript could no longer access the unsecure pages.

After a little more testing i’ve observed that javascript will only work between two pages if both pages are either secure or both are unsecure.

Anyway as a result I have to redirct my secure page to an unsecure  remporary page which refreshes my parent window, but when shifting from secure to unsecure page the user will get an internet explorer message “You are about to move to an Unsecure Page, do u want to continue”. I could not get a work around to get rid of this message, though the user himself can trun this message off from his own browser settings.


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