Dubai Rock 2006 Concert

This thursday night we went to Dubai Rock 2006, and it was really a great concert. The Singers were Atif, Ali Azmat, Kailash Kher, Call, Noori and RDB.

Though the event was not well organized, the sound system was pathetic and the event started 3 hours late which frustrated the audiance and the singers but Atif Aslam and Ali Azmat were worth the wait.

Specially Atif’s voice and live singing, simply amazing. He made the entire crowd dance and go up, people went crazy when he came on stage. Atif Aslam really rocks !

Ali Azmat was quite cool and was worth watching (specially for me as I am long time Junoon Fan) but he was given the last position and a lot of audiance had left due to nonsence display from Noori and boring RDB and the people who stayed were quite tired since it was 3:00 in the night.

Overall amazing night !

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