AJAX is Cool !

Have you seen Orkut, Google Suggest, Google Maps. Are you amazed by the wonderful web experience? They are using AJAX. AJAX is a really good technique; I don’t call it a technology because it is nothing new, just a blend of few established technologies like JavaScript, XML etc.

To learn about the actual idea behind AJAX, you can go through the article http://www.adaptivepath.com/publications/essays/archives/000385.php.

There are many implementations and third party AJAX libraries available, the idea is not so difficult and you can even implement it yourself without using any library provided that you have time.

Anyway, for .NET programmers AJAX.NET is available, you can download the C# source form https://svn.borgworx.net/SVN/BorgWorX/trunk/Web/Core/Ajax/

Creating an application with AJAX.NET is not very difficult, just a few basic steps you need to follow, here is a good article at MSDN



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